Mike's TR7 & Porsche 928
Restomodding two 1980 era sports cars
Welcome to this site!

I'm documenting the steps, trials, tribulations and elations of modifying and restoring two 1980 era sports cars that mean
a lot to me.  They are the Triumph TR7/8 from British Leyland and the 928 from Porsche.  I've owned each of these cars
previously and came to understand their quirks, characteristics, strong points and yes, sadly, the shortcomings each
possess.  This is a project that is going to take a few years to complete as time, money and capability factor into the
time equation.

I hope you enjoy watching these two wrecks come back to life to run the roads again upgraded for the 2020's!
From the site Restomodacademy.com:
So, what is a restomod? A restomod is a classic car that has been restored and modified.
Not surprisingly, the term restomod raises plenty of questions and opinions about classic
cars, restorations, and modifications. In a nutshell, a restomod is a combination of the
words “restored” and “modified” and is a seamless combination of both the old and new
Mike Slivka 2022
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