Exterior Restoration
Michael Slivka  Copyright 2022
New Soft Top

One of the first things installed was a new soft top.  The metal frame was also given a fresh coat of black paint and new webbing installed.
Upgraded Headlights & Driving Lights

I replaced the old sealed beam headlights to new style glass, not plastic, lens that will accept Halogen and Led upgrades.   Additionally I purchased a set of Led driving lights to replace the old non-fuctioning driving lights already installed. 

Part of the light upgrade will be adding relays to the circuit.  Factory wiring allowed full current to run thru the switches causing premature failure.  I purchased a rewiring kit for the headlights and driving lights from MossMotors.com that has the necessary relays and wiring loom .  My plans also include upgrading the number of circuits so the headlights and the driving lights are on separate circuits.