Repair/Replace fuel tank
Weld driver side control arm
Fix brake lights
Fix Parking lights
Fix headlight lift mechanism
Repair body hole
New soft top
Wipers do not work
Side mirrors missing
Driver door arrestor broken off
Driver door latch sticks shut
Passenger door latch sticks shut
Repair/replace headlight switch
Repair/replace wiper switch
Mike Slivka 2022
My Restoration Plans
Curb Weight       2409 lbs
Engine                 2.0L I4
Horsepower        92hp
Torque                100 ft-lbs @ 2500 RPM
Top Speed          108 mph
1/4 Mile               18.5 sec
Curb Weight       ???
Engine                Chevy 383
Horsepower        400 est
Top Speed          ???
1/4 Mile               ???
When I got the car home I drove it off the trailer and decided to take it for a spin down the back road I live along.  The engine performed rough and there was a clunk in the back every time I hit a bump, but the gears shifted smoothly and I drove it happily back to the house.  Several days later I had it idling and it died and would not start again.  Gas and oil were fine but no luck starting.  The following day it started right up but after a short period it died again with a loud clunking sound.  Something seized up and the engine would not turn over anymore.

Somewhere along that time I decided to just go ahead and install another engine, but not an original one.  Reading online I found that I could purchase a kit from an online retailer that would allow me to install a Buick V6 into the car and I seriously considered that.  The other option was installing the V8 that Triumph put into the TR8.  Both options would give me a car with much more horsepower and performance.

Then I read on a Triumph forum about owners stuffing LS's and Ford engines into their cars.  I had a Chevy 350 block, stroker crank and aluminum high flow cylinder head in my possession already, so thus began the thought process.  A TR7 V8 conversion with serious horsepower and hopefully impressive performance.  That started a whole lot of thinking about other upgrades beyond just restoring the car.  I figured what the hell.

So I made a list of everything that needed fixed along with everything that needed upgraded or performance modified.
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Restore & Enhance

LED driving lights
Upgrade sealed beam headlights
New carpeting
New steering wheel
Upgrade to newer style stereo
Upgrade speakers/ amp
Replace missing door lights
Interior lighting
New seats
Refresh door panels
High pressure windshield washers
New exterior decals
Rear wing
Trunk supports
Keyless entry
Power windows
Repaint body
New rubber door seals
Adjustable brake porportioning
Larger master brake cylinder
Electric fan
Custom Radiator
Performance Modifications

400 HP Chevy 383
Custom motor mounts
Custom duel exhaust
T5 5 speed transmission
Custom driveshaft
Ford limited slip rear end
Larger front disk brakes
Rear disk brakes
Performance sway bar
Performance springs
New Rims
Larger tires (from stock 13")